Paul Ryan 2016?

Wall Street Journal

Ryan Plots His Next Steps in the House

Paul Ryan has gotten more media exposure in the last few months as VP nominee alongside Mitt Romney’s bid for Presidency than he has over his entire career.

Now returning to the House of Representatives, Ryan is back in office once again as the House Budget Chairman. But has he got a new agenda this time around?

Many pundits have begun their speculation of a 2016 Ryan presidency run. The ringing endorsement from Romney during his concession speech only furthered projection of a potential bid from the Republican Congressman.

Though the election was only called in favor of Barack Obama merely two days ago, the speculation of the 2016 Presidential crowd has already begun with Ryan and Clinton already prospective frontrunners for their respective political parties.

If Ryan looks to make a run for the White House in 2016, his extremist policies are going to give him some difficulty in getting all sides of the Republican party on board. The support jump the Romney campaign anticipated from their announcement of Ryan as VP on the ticket lasted was never as intense a flame as was projected and burnt out fast.

For the time being, however, Ryan appears to be one of the more prominently projected candidates for the 2016 season.

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