The Universal Health Care Question in the United States


Though considered by most developed countries to be a basic human right, universal health care is still not offered in the United States to its citizens.

As one of the few, and absolutely the largest, developed nations missing from the list, America has been spotlighted around the world as behind in many areas of human rights – health care and citizen equality included.

The lack of universal health rights for citizens has been a major area of debate in the 2012 election. Between Mitt Romney’s infamous “47 percent” comments outlining the supposed “entitlement” of many Americans in the areas of access to health care and food, as well efforts by the Republican party to knock down any chance of extended health care coverage, America’s steps forwards have been challenged at every level.

Regardless, as part of his second-term agenda, President Obama is set to see the implementation of his signature first-term achievement of Obamacare with hopes to continue to extend health rights to all, a feat that was tried and failed under the Clinton administration.

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