Obama’s Second Term Presidency


Bloomberg Businessweek – Justin Metz

Bloomberg Businessweek’s Disturbing Cover Sums Up Obama’s Next Four Years

It was undoubtedly the number one news story around the world for the past 24 hours: U.S. President Obama has been elected for a second term. The gruelling election season has ended, but it’s only the beginning for the sitting President.

In Obama’s first four years he has faced harsh criticism, overwhelming admiration and everything in-between. The noticeably greying President passed a health-care reform that could redefine the American medical system, though not everyone is impressed and there were many policy sacrifices along the way. His personal opinions on issues relating to women’s rights and gay marriage have come under attack by the Republicans time and time again. There has, truly, been no limit to which the President has faced a tough opposition.

Last night, President Obama won his seat back with an overwhelming electoral college win and a small, but important, popular vote victory. The senate re-won a democrat-majority, but lost the house to the Republicans.

The Bloomberg Businessweek cover is a visual representation of the difficulties that Obama will no doubt face in his second term to continue as he continues to attempt to push through his agenda and instill change in America.

From the viewpoint of an international observer to American politics, it was a happy day when Obama became the representative for the self-proclaimed pinnacle of Democracy. Whether Obama can accomplish his original vision of ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ that he proclaimed in the 2008 election is looking dimmer and dimmer as the days go by. One thing is for sure, however; the President won’t go down without adding a few more grays to his growing collection.

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